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red coffee set

Soul coffee gift set – Red


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Soul Coffee is the result of passion and devotion put forth by an international team of caffeine enthusiasts who were mesmerised by Vietnamese coffee culture. Soul Coffee focuses on single-origin, small-batch specialty coffee 100% made in Vietnam. Starting with a selection of fresh green beans of the highest grade from the Central Highlands, our own Master Roaster then carefully roasts at the peak of freshness to deliver a superb coffee experience. Vietnamese Coffee is traditionally slow-brewed through a filter known as a Phin. The resulting strong, dark brew is mixed with sweetened condensed milk. In Vietnam, coffee goes hand-in-hand with slowing down and taking a few moments off.We want you to appreciate this culture through Soul Coffee. Address the desire to lead a more balanced life and pursue what matters most to you.

Coffee set include:
Filter material: Tin
Coffee powder: 250g Silky 003 fine ground Arabica coffee

Packing size: 22.5cm(L) x 15.5cm(W) x 8.3cm(H)

Made in Vietnam